St. Louis: Chubb Trail

This 7-miler is popular with mountain bikers and dayhikers, crossing limestone hills and following the Meramec River to a parkland with bison and elk.

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Trail Facts

  • Distance: 11.3



Location: 38.5092582702637, -90.5892105102539

From Tyson trailhead, go S on Chubb Trail along winding ridge that passes a creek and small mounds; in fall/winter, views open over Crescent Hills and Meramec Valley


Location: 38.5184211730957, -90.5839233398438

L @ T; descend 300 ft. to hills abutting grassy flood plains; pass “The Steps,” an exposed section of Kimmswick Limestone creating a challenging section for riders


Location: 38.5257186889648, -90.5848236083984

Overlook at the shoals of the Meramec River


Location: 38.5249290466309, -90.5861129760742

Cross streambed


Location: 38.528621673584, -90.5866928100586

Hop over RR track and enter Epstein Prairie, a shallow swale of wetlands and sloughs reinvigo rated by the fl oodwaters of the Meramec. Trail goes straight. Note: During high water, turn R and follow mowed grass trail parallel to RR track


Location: 38.5307807922363, -90.5865936279297

Turn R heading E; skirt small pond


Location: 38.5306282043457, -90.5761871337891

Trail rejoins high-water route and follows a wide bend in the Meramec


Location: 38.5379219055176, -90.5592498779297

Turn R and cross RR track; across the river, spot Castlewood Bluffs, an escarpment of sheer ashen limestone


Location: 38.5394096374512, -90.5422668457031

Start uphill; trail turns off road


Location: 38.5367584228516, -90.5401077270508

Lone Elk Lake; geese honk from the woody banks


Location: 38.5363807678223, -90.5376129150391

Return or pick up shuttle @ gates to Lone Elk County Park; bison, elk roam grounds. Side trip: World Bird Sanctuary is a rehab/breeding site for raptors, reptiles

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