How to Buy Your First Backpacking Stove

A good backpacking stove will be your dinner date for hundreds of meals. Here’s how to pick the right one.


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Olympic Rings

Welcome to the Olympics of Hiking

You may not be able to ski jump or drive a bobsled, but you're a master at hanging bear bags, gorging on ramen, and smelling really, really bad. Win a medal at one of these 11 events.

Wind River Range

In Defense of Off-Trail Hiking

When we ran a story about the beauty of trail-less hiking, some of our readers objected. BACKPACKER Editor-in-Chief Dennis Lewon responds.

Glacier National Park public lands

This Land is Your Land

More than 600 million acres. Mountains, forests, and plains. Canyons, coasts, and deserts. It’s the American birthright. And it’s at risk.