Korkers Guide Wading Boots

Internchangeable soles allow this wading boot to double as a hiking boot.

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Korkers Guide Wading Boot comes with a plain felt sole and either a Kling-On Sticky Rubber Sole (shown) or a Trail Lug sole. Additional soles, such as a Boat Sole and several studded options, are available.

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The soles are easy to change in the field, once you get the hang of it, and they hold in place excellently. Simply, unbutton the back tab, which pulls up over the heel…

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…then peel off the sole. The boots were extremely comfortable for standing for extended periods of time; I could stay in one spot for hours and never think about my feet. The Kling-On soles performed flawlessly in all but the fastest/slimiest of waters

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Insert the new sole into the toe of the boot first. Then push one side of the sole under the edge lip on the bottom of the boot. Next…

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Use the included key tool to press the opposite side under the lip, ensuring the entire sole is firmly secured into the boot. Reattach the strap to the button on the back of the boot and DON’T LOSE THE FLOATING KEY.

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Since these boots are intended to go over waders, you’ll want to buy one to one-and-a-half size larger than your normal hiking boots. If you want to hike and fish in these, I STRONGLY recommend buying your boots at a local shop so you can try them on.

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A BOA Lacing System allows you to tighten or loosen the laces using a dial mechanism for a perfect fit. Unlike with traditional laces, I found the BOA system tightens equally throughout the entire boot. The Korkers actually fit like hiking boots…

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…instead of the generically large and bland fit of most wading boots (the Korkers are comparatively narrow to other wading boots though). Plastic tabs under the metal laces offer several attachment points for gravel guards with your waders.

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The Stats
Price: $180 (includes two soles)
Weight: 2 lb. 12.4 oz./pair (Men’s 10)
Sizes: Whole sizes Men’s 8-15

Review by Dan Corbett