Vancouver, WA: Siouxon Creek Trail #130

This 8-mile out-and-back makes for an excellent early-season romp up a narrow river canyon, boasting three gorgeous waterfalls, an ample serving of primitive campsites, and options for longer loops and side trips.

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Start at the trailhead at the end of FR 5701. Descend to a T-junction and turn right (east), descending upstream toward Siouxon Creek (turning left heads downstream and connects to longer Huffman and Siouxon Peak trails). The trail stays above and alongside Siouxon Creek through shady Douglas fir and red cedar forest. Look for primitive backcountry campsites along the way, most with fire rings and log benches.

About a mile up, look for the Horseshoe Ridge trail, breaking off to the right (this 6.9 mile spur climbs to the 3,200′ viewless crest of Horseshoe Ridge before descending to meet up with the Siouxon Creek trail farther up). In another half mile, you deviate slightly south of Siouxon Creek to cross Horseshoe Creek Falls on a sturdy wooden bridge; 60 yards past the falls, look for a spur that descends to a couple of campsites below the falls. Another quarter mile brings you to Siouxon Creek Falls, a 40′ plunge down a narrow S-shaped cleft. Several campsites and a small, primitive shelter can be found opposite the falls; a short side trail above the falls allows for water access.

Continue up the canyon for two miles to a wide stream cascading across the trail. Use caution on the slick rocks during the early season high runoff. Just beyond the crossing, fork left over another wooden bridge, this time over a deep gorge cut through the rock. Now along Chinook Creek, pass a couple more campsites, and arrive at 50′ Chinook Creek Falls. A ford is required to connect to the other side of the trail to continue on to Huffman and Siouxon Peaks, so this makes an ideal lunch and turnaround spot below the misty falls. 

Mapped by Eli Boschetto Bosco Mountain Photo


Trail Facts

  • Distance: 6.8



Location: 45.946597, -122.177747

Siouxon Creek trailhead at parking at end of FR 5701.


Location: 45.946734, -122.178329

Turn right at T-junction and begin descent to river canyon.


Location: 45.948084, -122.174985

Creek crossing on raised log bridge.


Location: 45.948426, -122.174429

Nice campsite on river side of trail.


Location: 45.94876, -122.173809

Campsite on river side of trail.


Location: 45.952184, -122.161916

Horseshoe Ridge trail junction on right; continue straight along river.


Location: 45.955446, -122.155282

Light spur trail descends to water.


Location: 45.955813, -122.15382

Horseshoe Creek Falls bridge crossing.


Location: 45.957318, -122.15386

Spur trail descends to nice campsites along Horseshoe Creek below falls.


Location: 45.959779, -122.152509

Siouxon Creek Falls. Bench offers nice views of falls; campsites and primitive shelter on hill side of trail.


Location: 45.960637, -122.132456

Campsite on river side of trail


Location: 45.961156, -122.130314

Wildcat Creek trail junction on left (no bridge; requires ford); continue straight along river.


Location: 45.960942, -122.129218

Upper junction with Horseshoe Ridge trail; fork left along river.


Location: 45.959772, -122.11691

Bridgeless stream crossing; easier crossing 20′ upstream.


Location: 45.959925, -122.116811

Fork left at junction, crossing bridge over narrow gorge.


Location: 45.960264, -122.116824

Camp site on river side of trail.


Location: 45.960476, -122.116549

Camp site on hill side of trail.


Location: 45.96233, -122.11543

Log crossing below Chinook Creek Falls; connects to Wildcat Creek and Siouxon Peak trails.


Location: 45.962755, -122.115129

End of trail at Chinook Creek Falls.

Siouxon Falls

Location: 45.959683, -122.151961

The 40′ Siouxon Creek Falls plunges down through an S-shaped cleft in the canyon.

Siouxon Trailhead

Location: 45.946972, -122.178226

Descend from road’s end to a T-junction and turn right, heading upstream.

Horseshoe Creek

Location: 45.955506, -122.15445

Cross between the Horseshoe Creek Falls on a sturdy wooden bridge. Look for a spur shortly after to campsites below the falls.

Take Shelter

Location: 45.959205, -122.152433

Find campsites and a primitive shelter opposite the Siouxon Falls viewpoint. A short trail above the falls allows water access.

Siouxon Trail

Location: 45.960637, -122.135739

Hike the Siouxon Creek trail under shady fir and cedar forest.

Water Hazard

Location: 45.959742, -122.116299

This wide stream crossing can be tricky in early season; use caution on the slippery rocks.

Siouxon Gorge

Location: 45.960578, -122.115784

Cross a wooden bridge over this section of Siouxon Creek.

Chinook Falls

Location: 45.963054, -122.114496

50′ Chinook Creek Falls make a good lunch and turnaround point. The trail continues up to Siouxon Peak, but requires a wide ford below the falls.