Stub Stewart State Park, OR: Bumping Knots Loop

Wander amid shaded forest filled with fern and wildflowers on one of the longer trails in Oregon's newest state park.

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Just 30 miles west of Portland, Oregon’s newest state park offers visitors camping, horseback riding, and over 15 miles of winding, interconnected hiking trails. One of the longer trails, Bumping Knots is a 6-mile lollipop loop that traces an old logging road along a length of Williams Creek, then climbs to a ridge with views across the park valley.

From the Welcome Center, walk back down the main road to the crossing of the Banks-Vernonia State Trail. Pick up the trail at a small shuttle parking area by hiking 0.25 mi. south on the paved BV trail to the junction with the dirt Hollie’s Point of View trail. Follow Hollie’s for 0.4 mi. to the junction with the Bumping Knots trail. Here the trail narrows, descends to a small creek, climbs to the loop fork, then descends to Williams Creek along an old logging road. When an old wooden train trestle appears, the loop turns west to the top of the ridge, where the trail is lined with tiger lily, columbine and hedge nettle, with occasional views eastward over the valley. Turn right again at a junction with a service road and connect back up with the loop fork. Return via the same route.


By Eli Boschetto


Trail Facts

  • Distance: 9.7



Location: 45.7378521, -123.1954048

Start at the Banks-Vernonia State Trail; head south to junctions with Hollie’s POV and Bumping Knots trails.


Location: 45.7350888, -123.1955436

Veer right on Hollie’s Point of View trail.


Location: 45.7302198, -123.1946594

Bumping Knots trail junction. Fork left for short spur to Hollie’s Point of View; right for Bumping Knots trail.


Location: 45.7296756, -123.1937471

Hollie’s Point of View.


Location: 45.7165671, -123.1926606

Trail forks for Bumping Knots Loop. Take left fork (SE) to Williams Creek. After completing loop, return along same route.


Location: 45.7026742, -123.1916202

Short spur to creekside.


Location: 45.7019002, -123.1922598

Loop trail continues to right (W). Area straight ahead closed to hikers.


Location: 45.7082676, -123.1922295

Look for views east over valley. Lots of wildflowers in this area – columbine, tiger lily, hedge nettle.


Location: 45.7135934, -123.195712

Trail turns right (E) at junction with service road.


Location: 45.7377514, -123.1953287



Location: 45.7377881, -123.1947613

Start on the Banks-Vernonia trail to reach the Bumping Knots Loop. © Eli Boschetto

Hollie’s Trail

Location: 45.733984, -123.1953621

The wide Hollie’s Point of View trail connects to Bumping Knots. © Eli Boschetto

Spring Daisies

Location: 45.7323365, -123.1952763

Oxeye daisies line many of the trails in Stub Stewart’s. © Eli Boschetto


Location: 45.7282324, -123.1951904

Keep your eyes peeled for banana slugs on the trails. This guy was about 6″ long. © Eli Boschetto

Loop Fork

Location: 45.7168024, -123.1923795

Start of the Bumping Knots Loop. Take the left fork to Williams Creek. © Eli Boschetto

Williams Creek

Location: 45.7134014, -123.1905127

One of the few close-up views of Williams Creek. © Eli Boschetto

Hedge Nettle

Location: 45.7090713, -123.1884313

Look for these pink stalky flowers along Williams Creek. © Eli Boschetto

Old Road

Location: 45.7054151, -123.1901693

Hiking the old logging road on the Bumping Knots Loop. © Eli Boschetto

Summer Treat

Location: 45.7021483, -123.1918859

Look for large blackberry bushes near the top of the Bumping Knots Loop. © Eli Boschetto

Tiger Lily

Location: 45.7039315, -123.1943321

Lots of this pretty orange flower can be found on the upper ridge along Bumping Knots. © Eli Boschetto

Park View

Location: 45.7090413, -123.1918216

Look for view spots along the upper ridge on the Bumping Knots Loop. © Eli Boschetto


Location: 45.7103299, -123.1923151

Another prolific flower on the ridge portion of the Bumping Knots Loop. © Eli Boschetto

On the Ridge

Location: 45.7118882, -123.1941605

Tiger lily, with a hiker on the ridge of the Bumping Knots Loop. © Eli Boschetto


Location: 45.7150945, -123.1938386

Find stalks of pink and white varieties of foxglove along the Bumping Knots Loop. © Eli Boschetto

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