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Oregon Trails

Portland, OR: Beaver Pond Loop

Navigate a maze of old logging roads and narrow tracks on this 5 mile loop through Portland's Tualatin Mountains, keeping your eyes peeled for birds and wildlife.

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Hike the Beaver Pond Loop

The Beaver Pond Loop hike begins at the Rocky Point Road. From there, descend on old gravel road to a bend, turning left (E), and continuing on road that becomes progressively more overgrown. Just beyond the next bend at 0.8 mile, the path forks again; stay on the main road to the right and begin a gentle ascent to the ridgetop, where from the other side you can pick out views of downtown Portland. After another 0.5 mile the road forks again twice; continue straight ahead to the right through the first junction, then to the left for the second. 0.3 mile further, the route forks yet again. This is the beginning of the loop section, so choose the right fork and begin a moderate climb for the next 0.5 mile.

The trail then levels and begins a westward, then southward turn. Along this stretch, look for the remains of the beaver ponds. The first is just a marshy depression, the second is still a large pond. At the westernmost point of the loop the track forks again at the edge of a clearcut area; take the left fork, clinging to the edge of the older forest. If in doubt, look for taped route markers tied to trees. The road zigzags along the edge of the clearcut to a high point with nice views before starting to descend again. Two side roads appear to be the continuing route, but ignore these and continue straight ahead (N) as the road seems to come to an end in a stand of trees.

Locate a faint, rocky path through the trees to a small clearing. Where you enter the clearing, look for a dirt track immediately to your right and begin a southeastern descent through a scraggly tunnel of trees. Follow this narrow track 0.3 mile to a heavily overgrown service road, then turn left (NE) for 500 feet to a connection with another less-overgrown road. Turn left (N) again, pass a couple of creek crossings, back to the intersection that began the loop. From here, turn right (E) and return on familiar trail to your starting point.

-Mapped by Eli Boschetto, Bosco Mountain Photo


Trail Facts

  • Distance: 7.6



Location: 45.696423, -122.888351

Beaver Pond Loop trailhead at gate on left side of Rocky Point Rd.


Location: 45.695389, -122.889917

Turn left (E) at fork.


Location: 45.693156, -122.882713

Bear right (SW) at fork.


Location: 45.691094, -122.88778

Spot downtown Portland from this open high point.


Location: 45.689521, -122.889896

Bear right (W) at fork.


Location: 45.689326, -122.890792

Bear left (W) at fork.


Location: 45.690192, -122.894751

Beginning of Beaver Pond Loop; take right fork uphill for 0.5 mile.


Location: 45.691939, -122.902945

Cross over small creek.


Location: 45.690589, -122.904928

Bear left (S) at fork.


Location: 45.688884, -122.905335

Beaver pond.


Location: 45.687735, -122.906871

Beginning of clearcut area; bear left (SW) at fork.


Location: 45.686291, -122.904273

Bear left (E) at junction.


Location: 45.686302, -122.903355

Bear left (E) at fork.


Location: 45.686472, -122.901702

Trail narrows; look for rocky path to left side of road.


Location: 45.687352, -122.900474

Small clearing; look for dirt trail to immediate right (SE).


Location: 45.687262, -122.900244

Follow dirt trail though trees SE.


Location: 45.684412, -122.897344

Turn left (NE) on old forest road.


Location: 45.685353, -122.895912

Turn left (N) on overgrown logging road.


Location: 45.68911, -122.896634

Creek crossing. Continue to next junction; turn right (E) to return.

Beaver Pond Loop

Location: 45.696363, -122.888646

Begin the Beaver Pond Loop trail at the gate on Rocky Point Rd.

Spotted Owl

Location: 45.695929, -122.889955

Keep your eyes peeled both in the trees and on the ground for local wildlife.

Logging Road

Location: 45.69401, -122.883239

The Beaver Pond Loop uses several unmaintained logging roads.

Tualatin Forest

Location: 45.692272, -122.88444

The Tualatin Mountains are a combination of second and old-growth forest.

Up Road

Location: 45.691342, -122.897594

Where the Beaver Pond Loop begins, fork right for a steady uphill climb.

Beaver Pond

Location: 45.689064, -122.905254

Peer through the overgrowth to spot the remains of a large beaver pond.

Fork in the Road

Location: 45.687895, -122.906456

Bear left at this fork for the bottom half of the Beaver Pond Loop.

Hiking Day

Location: 45.686456, -122.90534

The high point on the Beaver Pond Loop affords a nice, scenic view.

Beaver Creek

Location: 45.689184, -122.896371

One of several creek crossings on the Beaver Pond Loop.

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