Pittsburgh, PA: Greene River Trail

A 10.3-mile out-and-back (or a 5.4-mile shuttle), this peaceful walk along the Monongahela River wanders through remnants of Pittsburgh's industrial past and present.

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Pack a lunch for this 10.3-mile out-and-back outside Pittsburgh, or just stash a car in Crucible, PA to shorten this trip to a 5.4-mile shuttle. Starting from the Greene Cove Yacht Club in Millsboro, walk east along Ten Mile Creek until it meets the Monongahela River; there, the Greene River Trail heads south along the river banks past a rundown steel mill, coal barges, tall piles of slate, and clusters of white birch trees. Despite remnants of Pittsburgh’s industrial imprint, this trail wanders through an idyllic, natural setting, evoking a sense of calm that’s absent further north where the Monongahela meets the Ohio and Allegheny Rivers in downtown Pittsburgh. -Mapped by Mike Ciccone


Trail Facts

  • Distance: 16.6



Location: 39.9832801818848, -80.0063171386719

From the northern trailhead at Greene Cove Yaught Club. Start following the trail that heads east alongside Ten Mile Creek (on the left).


Location: 39.9828300476074, -80.0028610229492

Turn right down an old railroad grade at the confluence of Ten Mile Creek and the Monongahela River. On the right side of the trail, there are signs naming various trees. From here the trail runs south along the Monongahela (which runs north to join the Ohio in downtown Pittsburgh).


Location: 39.9806900024414, -80.0070724487305

The trail passes a landslide on the right that deposited a collection of sandstone boulders.


Location: 39.9698295593262, -80.012336730957

Pass an old abandoned steel mill on the right. Ahead, the trail wanders through remnants of Pittsburgh’s industrial past and present mixed into a natural setting. You may hike past coal barges on the river one minute and through a white birch tree cluster the next.


Location: 39.9573211669922, -80.0097427368164

A small side trail on the left leads right to the edge of the Monongahela River.


Location: 39.9566307067871, -80.0094375610352

To the right, a sculpture of a hiker adorns the trail.


Location: 39.9520988464356, -80.0047836303711

The trail runs through the small historic town of Rices Landing. This is another access or turnaround point for this hike.


Location: 39.9489593505859, -79.9991836547852

Continue straight across Main Street in Rices Landing.


Location: 39.9484214782715, -79.9868621826172

The trail passes some abandoned blue warehouses on the right. A fence blocks your view of the river on the left.


Location: 39.9496002197266, -79.9836730957031

At mile 4, continue straight across a road that leads to the warehouses.


Location: 39.9504432678223, -79.9815444946289

The trail runs parallel to River Road (on the right). Look left to the Monongahela for two giant slag piles reminiscent of mountain peaks in the Rockies.


Location: 39.9523696899414, -79.9752426147461

The trail crosses some pavement. To the left: More slag piles. Ahead: White birch trees line the path.


Location: 39.9529991149902, -79.9618682861328

The far end of the Greene River Trail is marked by 5 brightly painted yellow poles and a guard rail. Turn around to retrace your steps to the northern trailhead.

The Northern Trailhead

Location: 39.9832725524902, -80.0061492919922

The Monongahela River

Location: 39.9828414916992, -80.0027847290039

Views of the River

Location: 39.9576034545898, -80.0100708007812

Trail Art

Location: 39.9561996459961, -80.0091400146484

Slag Piles

Location: 39.9506416320801, -79.9809799194336

Trail Terminus

Location: 39.953010559082, -79.9617156982422