Las Vegas, NV: Gass Peak

This 6.3-mile out-and-back climbs 2,000 feet to the top of Gass Peak—the highest point in the Sheep Mountains just north of Las Vegas.

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Start hiking south on Gass Peak Trail—a dirt service road at the beginning—and in 0.4 miles turn left. The road turns upward and passes creosote bushes and sporadic Joshua Trees. Just before mile one, turn left at the 3-way junction and climb two distinct ridgelines en route to Gass Peak. On the 6,943-foot summit, sun-bleached views stretch to the greater Las Vegas area and the surrounding Sheep Mountains. To return, backtrack to waypoint 3 and veer left, executing a slight detour to Gass Spring. From the spring, the trail meets back up with the service road and the trailhead.
Mapped by Heidi Sackreuter


Trail Facts

  • Distance: 10.2


Vegas on an extremely bright and hazy day

Location: 36.401309967041, -115.180213928223

Lunch on Gass Peak

Location: 36.4006843566894, -115.180122375488

Looking to the peak

Location: 36.4344940185547, -115.159324645996

Sheep Mountains

Location: 36.4018440246582, -115.178520202637

Gass Peak from the first ridge

Location: 36.4291915893555, -115.162666320801

Second ridgeline

Location: 36.4201965332031, -115.165824890137

Desert National Wildlife Refuge

Location: 36.4235343933106, -115.165466308594

Joshua tree

Location: 36.4314193725586, -115.162841796875

Sheep Mtountains

Location: 36.4008636474609, -115.179634094238


Location: 36.4106636047363, -115.166984558105


Location: 36.4347686767578, -115.159370422363

Start hiking south on the Gass Peak Trail past creosote bushes and Joshua trees.


Location: 36.4293785095215, -115.162887573242

Turn left at Y-junction and continue upwards.


Location: 36.4202499389648, -115.165458679199

Continue straight at 3-way junction heading southwest. Views of the desert and surrounding Sheep Mountains begin to open up. The trail traverses the first of two distinct ridgelines en route to Gass Peak.


Location: 36.4148826599121, -115.168357849121

The trail becomes faint, sometimes lost in the mountains scree piles.


Location: 36.4107131958008, -115.166481018066

Veer right at at the top of the second ridgeline and make the final ascent to Gass Peak.


Location: 36.4006805419922, -115.180366516113

Gass Peak (6,943 ft.): Named for Octavius Decatur Gass, one of Vegas’ original residents, this is the highest point in the Sheep Mountain range. Several solar panels and radio towers can be found on the peak.

Backtrack to waypoint 3, turn left, and hike to Gass Spring.


Location: 36.4255523681641, -115.164947509766

To the right of the service road is Gass Spring, which trickles into a man-made cache for the local wildlife, including bighorn sheep, coyotes, rabbits and kit foxes. Continue along the service road to Waypoint 2, and turn left heading back to the trailhead.