Greensboro: Foot Trail Loop

Ride a bus to a 2.3-mile tour of Guilford Courthouse, scene of a turning-point battle in the American Revolution.

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Mapped by Tim Johnson

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 3.7



Location: 36.1308708190918, -79.8465576171875

Begin in SW corner of visitor center lot near auto-tour road. Follow wooded path through hickory, poplar, and white oak, crossing first defensive line during the Battle for Guilford Courthouse on March 15, 1781


Location: 36.1304397583008, -79.8460006713867

Confusing junction: Take paved path E across Old Battleground Rd. In battle area ahead, two VA brigades fought redcoats


Location: 36.1318092346191, -79.8436431884766

R @ Y; continue NE along winding path where running cedar and catbrier creep through understory


Location: 36.1333694458008, -79.8407669067383

R @ T; cross footbridge and walk up open hillside. Look L across the field and imagine the intense war that raged here


Location: 36.133129119873, -79.8393173217774

L @ Y near Calvary Monument


Location: 36.1341094970703, -79.8394012451172

R @ Y


Location: 36.1343994140625, -79.8386917114258

R onto Historic New Garden Rd., which merges briefly with auto-tour road


Location: 36.1342506408691, -79.8349761962891

Old community site of the Guilford Courthouse. No buildings remain today


Location: 36.1342315673828, -79.835693359375

Turn L; descend by two cannons pointing over fields. Ahead, go R @ Y


Location: 36.1351089477539, -79.8382873535156

R @ Y across bridge, up steep hill. Look for scaly shagbark hickory bark


Location: 36.1348991394043, -79.8408966064453

R @ T; walk W past Regulars Monument


Location: 36.1341209411621, -79.8429794311524

Straight @ 3-way


Location: 36.1330795288086, -79.8452529907226

L @ parking area, then R onto Historic New Garden Rd. In 800 ft., cross Old Battleground Rd. and go L @ T on path behind visitor ctr. to WPT 2. Turn R; walk 200 ft. N to end hike