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Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park: Cadillac Mountain via Dorr Mountain

Summit three Acadia peaks on an 8.8-mile loop, passing overlooks of neighboring bays and island clusters along Maine's coastline.

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From the Sieur de Monts Spring Nature Center, head southwest on the trail that switchbacks up the lower slopes of Dorr Mountain past intermittent views of the Porcupine Islands and Frenchman Bay. Midway up the mountain, the trail traverses south before cresting Dorr’s summit, dropping down a gully on the west face, and then climbing up the east ridge of 1,530-foot Cadillac Mountain—Acadia’s highest peak. At the top, expansive views of the Atlantic stretch out to the south, and options for lengthening or shortening this trip are available. This loop descends to Bubble Pond before climbing back up to the broad, 1,248-foot summit of Pemetic Mountain. After descending this third peak, the trail climbs to the top of one more ridge before descending along Canon Brook and heading north past The Tarn Lake back to the Nature Center.

Mapped by Trung Q. Le


Trail Facts

  • Distance: 14.2



Location: 44.3471069335938, -68.2293853759766

Go right @ 3-way junction for descent to Bubble Pond. The South Ridge Trail shoots off to the south.


Location: 44.3535804748535, -68.2099533081055

Continue straight @ 3-way junction, heading northwest; the trail steepens as it nears the summit of Dorr Mountain. To the left, a trail descends to the Tarn Trail and The Tarn Lake.


Location: 44.3559799194336, -68.2164001464844

To reach the top of Dorr Mountain, turn left @ trail intersection for a short side trip to the summit (1,270 ft.). Return to this intersection and turn left (west) to continue the hike. From here, the trail descends a gully and then climbs back up toward Cadillac Mountain. Be prepared to climb down and up large granite boulders on this steep incline.


Location: 44.3266983032227, -68.2406005859375

Turn left @ 4-way junction to continue on the Ponds Trail.


Location: 44.3523063659668, -68.2258071899414

Walk across the top of Cadillac Mountain (1,530 ft.), the highest point in Acadia National Park, then continue to the other side of the parking lot toward Pemetic Mountain.


Location: 44.337818145752, -68.2288436889648

Look northwest for a bird’s-eye view of Bubble Pond.


Location: 44.3599395751953, -68.2107009887695

Continue straight @ 3-way junction.


Location: 44.3514709472656, -68.2051010131836

Continue straight @ 3-way junction, heading back toward Sieur de Mont Spring Nature Center. To the left, the Ladder Trail ascends Dorr Mountain. To the right is a small parking area. Ahead, the trail travels alongside the western banks of The Tarn.


Location: 44.3398857116699, -68.2140655517578

Continue straight @ 3-way junction.

Atlantic Ocean

Location: 44.3546028137207, -68.2161560058594

Looking south from Dorr Mountain over the Cranberry Islands on the Atlantic Ocean.


Location: 44.358470916748, -68.2071304321289

Continue straight toward the Nature Center and the trailhead.


Location: 44.3390007019043, -68.2113800048828

Continue straight @ 3-way junction.

Porcupine Islands

Location: 44.3618392944336, -68.2110748291016

A view of Frenchman Bay and the Porcupine Islands on the ascent of Dorr Mountain.


Location: 44.3488998413086, -68.2413330078125

Continue on the bike path following signs to Pemetic Mountain. Begin a gradual climb under trees to the open, rock slab summit.


Location: 44.3293304443359, -68.2360305786133

Continue straight on Ponds Trail across an old gravel road.


Location: 44.3618392944336, -68.2110824584961

Continue straight @ 3-way junction, heading south. The Hemlock Trail veers off to the right.

Views from Cadillac Mountain

Location: 44.3506164550781, -68.2272262573242

A view to the south from Cadillac Mountain.


Location: 44.3292388916016, -68.2431335449219

Stay left @ Y-junction, heading southeast. Triad Trail on the right leads to the summit of The Triad.


Location: 44.3375015258789, -68.2457427978516

Continue straight @ 3-way junction towards Pemetic’s summit (1,248 ft.). Follow the cairns to continue on the path. The trail to the right leads down to Jordan Pond.


Location: 44.3384284973144, -68.226936340332

Continue straight @ 4-way junction. Ahead, the trail runs parallel to Canon Brook as it descends to the base of Dorr Mountain.


Location: 44.3497505187988, -68.2404022216797

Continue left on the trail around Bubble Pond (Bubble Pond parking area is to the right). Bubble Brook is a good water source if you need to treat drinking water.


Location: 44.355899810791, -68.2189483642578

Continue straight @ 4-way junction, continuing climb up Cadillac Mountain. The Gorge Trail enters on the right and the Murray Young Trail on the left.


Location: 44.346851348877, -68.2061462402344

Continue straight @ 3-way junction, heading north toward The Tarn. Pass a parking area to the right.


Location: 44.3506202697754, -68.2272186279297

Follow a wide gravel road (100 feet from the visitor center) down the west face of Cadillac Mountain.


Location: 44.3622512817383, -68.2080230712891

The loop starts behind the Nature Center at Sieur de Monts. Head southwest on the trail that switchbacks up the wooded slopes of Dorr Mountain.

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