Saved by…A Sock

7 more reasons to pack an extra pair

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  • Make water. Fill a sock with mud or wet clay (left), then wring out every drop of moisture.
  • Warm your hands. This could prevent frostbite and restore dexterity. It’s very hard to make a lifesaving fire with numb fingers.
  • Jury-rig crampons. To create traction on slick ice, pull a wool (it’s stickier than nylon and polyester materials) sock over the toe of your boot. The fibers adhere to ice.
  • Make a deadman. Fill a sock with sand or snow, then bury it to create a shelter anchor.
  • Fashion a hunting weapon. Starving? Stuff a sock with stones to create a sort of nunchuck for clubbing small game.
  • Carry a snake. If you catch one, tie it off inside a sock to keep it alive until you need to eat it.
  • Filter water. It will remove sediment, but not bacteria and other microorganisms.
    “Fill your sock with sand, charcoal, and grass to grab the bigger particles, and pour water through. It may taste a little ripe, but it’s safer than drinking it straight.

    –Bear Grylls