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Ask a Nudist: Your Top Naked-Hiking Questions, Answered

We posed your top questions to our resident outdoor nudist funhog

Photo: Bear Naked

Every National Nude Day, we get a lot of questions. Is it fun? How likely is it that my spouse will disown me? (Yes. Hard to say.) This year, we posed your top questions to our resident outdoor nudist funhog. Here are her answers.

Dear Nature Nudist,

I don’t love the way my body looks. Is nude hiking really for me?

Nude and Prude


Dear Nude and Prude,

For many people who struggle with body image, naked hiking can sound like a nightmare. For years, I was one of those people. But then I was invited on a naked night hike with some close friends, and I found it liberating in ways I never expected. Instead of being embarrassed about my body, I was able to see it in a new way: as a part of nature and as a vessel for all the joy and strength that I’ve been able to find through hiking. Hiking nude in a group can also be a beautiful source of perspective. We all have imperfections, and seeing and celebrating others’ up close could help you embrace your own.

You’ve got this,
Nature Nudist


Dear Nature Nudist,

I have sensitive feet, but I also don’t want to cheat my attempt at nude adventure. Does it still count as naked hiking if I’m wearing shoes?

Please advise,
Twinkle Toes


Dear Twinkle Toes,

Yes, I absolutely recommend wearing shoes. And socks, bug repellent, and sunblock, for that matter. It also counts as naked if you’re wearing a backpack. Or a hat. Or a Bear Naked Belt. As with any outdoor endeavor, safety is paramount.

But to be honest, I think you’re asking the wrong question. What really matters is not that other people think it “counts,” but that you’re pushing your own comfort zone and finding freedom and joy in the experience.

Stay safe out there,
Nature Nudist

naked hiking birdwatching
(Photo: Bear Naked)

Dear Nature Nudist,

I’m planning to #HikeBearNaked this year but don’t want to go alone. Are there nude hiking groups to join? How do I discreetly ask around without sounding strange?



Dear Em-bare-assed,

First off, no one should be ashamed of doing things that bring them joy—and for looking to share that joy with others. That said, there’s a right time and place to ask other people to get naked with you. Your book club? Probably not. At a meetup group with other open-minded hikers? Much more likely. If you’re nervous about asking around, try checking online first. You can find local nudist hiking groups on Meetup.com or through the American Association for Nude Recreation.

Happy hiking,
Nature Nudist 

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