America's Scariest Trails: Bloodthirsty Creatures

Bigfoot? He's a softy compared to the other menacing monsters lurking in the woods near you.

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Jersey Devil

Habitat Dense, dark corners of New Jersey’s Pine Barrens

Origin In 1735, Jane Leeds gave birth to her 13th child, exclaiming, “The Devil can take the next one.” And he did.

Looks like A human-animal up to six feet tall, with wings, a tail, hooves, horns, black fur, red eyes, and a dog’s or horse’s head


Habitat Rural areas from the southern U.S. to South America

Origin Some think the chupacabra, or goatsucker, has Satanic ties because it drains its prey–goats, chickens, and other small mammals–of blood.

Looks like A mutant coyote with scales or fine gray hair, plus the features of gargoyles and kangaroos. It has fangs, a forked tongue, red eyes, and spikes running up its back and over its head. Witnesses say it can jump as high as 20 feet.


Habitat The northern woods of Minnesota

Origin Don’t eat your campmate. These evil spirits possess humans that succumb to cannibalism, cursing them with an insatiable hunger for human flesh.

Looks like A hairy, fetid creature more than 10 feet tall, with glowing eyes and large fangs

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