The Easiest Diet on Earth

Slim your way through the holidays with this simple diet

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Over 18 years and another lifetime ago, I was listening to the radio while delivering pizza on a below freezing Minnesota night, and I heard about this thing called “food combing.” The basic gist goes like this: When you eat meat or protein, don’t eat starch. When you eat starch, don’t eat protein. The diet’s premise has something to do with the way our body digest either foods.

I gave it a try for a couple of days, and it seemed to work. I lost some weight, and I seemed to have a little more juice in my step. Although it’s hard to say if that was just due to the diet or because I was conscious of what—and how much—I was eating.

At any rate, I stumbled across this article from a writer in Boston which reminded me of this experiment. Regardless whether you think it works or not based on the physiology, I’ll tell you that it will have you eating better.

Think about it: No more pizza, no more hamburgers, no more nachos, no more cheese and crackers. Cutting out those combinations will shave 100s of cheap calories out of your daily diet and off your holiday party plates.

So let’s recap: If you’re eating meat and dairy, don’t eat starches (wheat, corn, rice, potatoes). If you’re eating starches, don’t eat meat. Oh, and eat mostly fruits and vegetables. Simple.

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