How to Go Winter Camping in 8 Easy Steps

The backcountry doesn't close when its cold outside. Make the most of the snowy season with our help.

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Some people are like grizzlies, spending the colder months denned away in a snoozy haze. But you? No. You’re a regular polar bear, and winter is your playground. As far as you’re concerned, backpacking season is all year round.

If you want to make the most of winter camping, you need the right skills, the right gear, and a burning desire to get after it. Here, we’ll help you with the first two, with advice on planning your trip, picking out the perfect gear to sleep in the snow, and convincing your friends to come along. That last one, though? That’s on you.

Part 1: Get Motivated

Winter Camping
Paxson Woelber/Flickr

Learn to love the snow, and the snow will love you right back. Read the Article

Part 2: Gear Up

Black Diamond Mega Light tent

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Part 3: Plan Your First Winter Campout

Camping in Finland
Kitty Terwoelbeck

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Part 4: Take the Plunge

winter camping
Mitch Barrie/Flickr

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Part 5: Get Luxurious

Aziz Rasool

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Part 6: Build a Snow Shelter


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Step 7: Convince Your Friends to Go Winter Camping


Winter camping is super rewarding, but convincing others to join you isn’t always easy. It’s best to have a few tricks. Read the Article

Step 8: Pack Your Bags


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