Go _____ Packing

Choose your adventure - pack animal style.

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Mule Packing

Capacity: Up to 150 pounds!

Speed: 3.5 mph

Attitude: Friendly (and compliant) if treated well; stubborn if not.

Costs: $240/day (self-guided); $120/mule/day + $350/guide/day, guided, per Rock Creek Pack Station; rockcreekpackstation.com – See more at: https://www.backpacker.com/skills/beginner/packing-beginner/go-goat-mule-dog-partner-llama-packing/#sthash.fMhk4M6q.dpuf

Llama Packing

Capacity: 80-100 pounds

Speed: 1-2 mph

Attitude: Laid-back and aloof

Costs: $65/day (self-guided) + $100 orientation + $1.25/mile truck and stock rack rental; $300-$400/day guided, per Buckhorn Llama Company;llamapack.com)

Partner Packing

Capacity: 10 pounds (of your load); more if he’s really ignorant

Speed: 2 mph

Attitude: Agreeable if well-treated, but prone to complaining

Cost: Free! Or maybe a share of the six-pack he’s unknowing schlepping

Goat Packing

Capacity: 25-50 pounds

Speed: 3 mph

Attitude: Stubborn, but once they adopt you into their herd, you’re in.

Costs: $30/day/goat + $30 health certificate + $50 trailer rental, per High Uinta Pack Goats;highuintapackgoats.com

Dog Packing

Capacity: 8-20 pounds

Speed: Your pace (2-4 mph)

Attitude: Generally spectacular

Costs: One-time investment for doggie pack ($50-$150) + roughly 12 years of subsequent TLC (you can’t turn him back in after the trip)

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