Camp Cooking Tips and Tricks

We'll show you how to be the ultimate trail chef in no time with these tips.

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Keep Food Warm in Sub-Zero Temps

Why Backpackers Need to Eat Protein

How To: Shop at a Farmer’s Market

Win a Camp Cook-off

Cook for a Group

Improve Your Eating Habits

Want to hike farther, explore tougher terrain, and carry big loads without bonking? To achieve your biggest backcountry goals, you have to change how you eat.

What’s the Best Food for Hot Hikes

Salt: The Backpacker’s Truth

Are All Snails Edible?

I know that all snakes are edible…what about snails? Is all escargot created equal?

Big or Little Pre-Hike Breakfast?

What’s the Best High Altitude Diet?

Will the Sun Kill Germs on Cookware?

Camp Breakfast Tips: Rise and Shine

How To: Make Family-Fun Food

Gas Station Recipes


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