Why walk when you can…walk

Treadmobile lets fitness weirdos move while standing still

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Whoever invented the Treadmobile is either completely insane or in touch with a higher power that clues him in on what humans need before we even know we need it. I’d go into deeper description about this human-powered treadmill-car-thingie, but why waste words when you can watch it in action, set to a stylin’ 80s soundtrack? To wit:

I like walking as much as the next guy, but whatever happened to riding a bike? Besides, the idea of using stationary walking/running to power a moving machine strikes me as so paradoxical that it sort of melts my brain. I guess we’re just lucky they’re not using it on trails, though.

The concept of employing two people on the treadmill to get more speed makes sense, I guess, but I still think I can run faster than the Treadmobile. They’re not fooling anyone with that last shot of a Treadmobile racing alongside a practically idling Porsche.

—Ted Alvarez

Thanks, Tim