Wandering Wolverine In Colorado

Lone wolverine wanders into Colorado after 90-year absence

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Wolverine—the adamantium-clawed, super-healing mutant who joined the super-secret Weapon X program before joining the X-Men, has wandered into Colorado. Researchers don’t yet know whether the Wolverine (also known as Logan) came into the state as part of a sullen spirit quest or on the tail of Sabretooth, hoping for bloody revenge, but they…

What’s that? A wolverine, not the Wolverine, is back in the state of Colorado? Ah. I see.

Scratch that last graph: While Colorado isn’t getting a visit from a certain Canadian mutant, were are being visited by a male wolverine, a large member of the mustelidae family (that’s weasels). This carnivore used to roam across the montane west, but has been extirpated for over 90 years in Colorado. Scientists have been following a young male, M56, via tracking collar since he left the Tetons area and wandered south through the Winds, across I-80, and eventually into the Rocky Mountain state somewhere around June 1.

Wolverines haven’t been so successful in the Lower 48 in recent years, in part because they need a massive home range per individual—sometimes as great as 500 miles. But that inherent wanderlust enabled the crafty wolverine to make it down to Colorado in the first place. Researchers hope to continue to track his movements to learn how the species might be preserved in the future, but they won’t reveal his location, citing “we don’t need to have people chasing him around.”

This isn’t the first time wolverines have traveled far and wide: Last year, a wolverine shocked everyone by showing up in California. And this year, Wolverine shocked no one by being a pretty mediocre movie.

—Ted Alvarez

After 90 years, the wolverine (just one) returns to Colorado (NY Times)