Video: Sequoia vs. SUV

Here's a hint–the biggest tree in the world wins

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This video is a month old or so, but it’s worth it: Visitors to Sequoia National Park in California parked their Jeep in a shady grove of monster trees and promptly took off to hike among the sleeping giants. Not more than a few minutes later, though, they heard the telltale crack of branches and whump of a falling tree—only super-sized in scale.

Apparently, Sequoia’s Ents had had enough of all the rumbling SUVs in their forest, because when the hikers returned, their car resembled a crushed soda can. Let’s go to the tape:

Gotta hand it to the hikers—they took it pretty well, and almost seemed proud that their car got owned by one of the biggest trees in the world. Guess it could be worse…they could’ve been in the vehicle. You could say making the decision to hike saved their lives.

—Ted Alvarez

Sequoia Smashes SUV Car (Finley Holiday Films on YouTube)