Trail Chef: Upgrade Your S'mores

Sure, regular old marshmallow/chocolate/graham treats are great. But you can do better.

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I dare you: Find me a campfire night anytime, anywhere, that wouldn’t be improved by a few gooey, sugar-plus-more-sugar sandwiches of deliciousness. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the wilderness or your own backyard: There’s a very good reason the mighty s’more reigns supreme over all other outdoor desserts.
I’d never turn down a classic graham cracker + marshmallow + Hershey bar concoction, mind you. But why not spice it up a little? Whip out one of these six upgrades this weekend and you’ll be the star of the campfire circle, guaranteed.


With thanks to Genny Fullerton, our senior associate photo editor, and Kevin Callan, author of Wilderness Pleasures.

The Johnny Appleseed

Apple-cinnamon graham crackers + marshmallow + apple slices

The Minty Fresh

Chocolate grahams + marshmallow + Andes mints

The Kindergarten Classic

Honey grahams + peanut butter + marshmallow + chocolate

The Tropical

Grahams + dried mango + marshmallow + coconut shavings

The Mexican S’more

Grahams + chili powder + cinnamon + marshmallow + chocolate

The Inside-Out

Roast a marshmallow, then while it’s still on the stick, roll it in a shallow plate full of chocolate syrup and crushed graham crackers.