Trail Chef: Bread & Toppings Á La Mode

This super sandwich will feed all your hungry revelers.

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One New Year’s Eve, as an impressionable and picky teenager, I found myself seated before a plate of haggis (I encourage you to Google it). I don’t remember actually tasting the stuff, since I swallowed before chewing, but I remember thinking ‘I hate you mom and dad; I’m never eating this crap again.’ And I haven’t.

This New Year’s Eve I’m making one of my parents’ more enticing, and simple, recipes. It’s perfect for groups large and small and requires only a heat source. Plus, the topping options are limitless. While I’ve never tried this dish over an open flame, I have no doubt you industrious readers can make it work.

May no one ever have to eat haggis again.

Supreme Crusty Bread Sandwiches

1 loaf crusty bread (French, Sourdough, etc.)

Swiss Cheese*


Mushrooms (canned is lovely)*

Butter or Olive Oil

Lay the loaf of bread on a piece of tinfoil big enough to cover the entire loaf. Make slices in the bread without completely cutting through the loaf. Swipe a little butter or olive oil on the insides of every cut. Layer your toppings within the cuts, sandwich style. Run a little butter/oil across the top of the whole loaf (or don’t, this is not an essential step). Wrap the tinfoil snugly around the overflowing loaf.

Put in your oven of choice (perhaps not a microwave) until the cheese is melty.

Cut or tear into sandwich size pieces. Wrap tinfoil in a ball and throw at recycling bin Shaq-style. Dishes finished. Happy New Year!

*Replace with anything of your choosing.