Pit Toilet Peeper Strikes Again!

Maine man arrested after hiding in White Mountain National Forest pit toilet...again

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Every camper’s done it some point: the brief glance in the pit toilet, followed by the immediate wish we hadn’t. But taking an occasional gander into that dark, horrible hole might pay off—especially when someone’s looking back at you. That’s right folks—the pit toilet peeper is back!

For the second time, Gary Moody, 49, of Maine, was arrested over Memorial Day weekend for climbing into a pit toilet in the White Mountain National Forest, in the same location where he was arrested for the same crime in 2005.

According to The Smoking Gun, a young boy was alarmed when he went to the outhouse and saw that the toilet had been moved. What was even more alarming was the head of Moody peering out of it. He reportedly told the boy, “man, sorry about that, I was getting my shirt.” He was later seen leaving the scene, soaking wet (ewww).

When questioned by authorities, Moody said that he placed his shirt on the toilet seat because he thought the outhouse seats were dirty. Authorities then pointed out that it didn’t make sense to go into the pit if Moody thought it was dirty to begin with. Busted!

Later asked as to whether or not he had sought any form of therapy for his strange fetish, Moody replied no, but mentioned he was still angry with society for how he was treated after his arrest in 2005 (During his first dumper dive, Moody claimed he was looking for his wedding ring). He now faces 3 misdemeanors and is due in court September 16.

The pleasures found at the bottom of a pit toilet certainly remain blissfully obscured from our understanding, but hikers, ye be warned: Look before you leak!

—Jordan Olmsted

Outhouse Aficionado in Deep Doo-Doo. Again. (The Smoking Gun)