Leave It To Beavers

Polish green activists mistake beaver-chewed trees for illegal logging operation

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Today’s entry from the No Duh Department is a doozy: Environmentalists were outraged to discover a secret logging operation in a nature reserve near Subkowy in northern Poland, so they called the 5-0 in for the bust. When the coppers arrived, they discovered 20 trees neatly stacked and several more marked with notches, just waiting to be illegally cut and taken to a sneaky sawmill somewhere.

One problem: The alleged loggers were beavers. Our intrepid detectives figured that one out by following the trail of a dragged tree to a beaver dam in a nearby river.

Wow. Somewhere in there is an amazing Polish joke, but a particularly vicious daughter of Warsaw works in the cubicle next to mine, and I think she’d kill me. I’m not touching that one with a ten-foot trekking, er, pole.

(Want to see more beavers in the wild? Find out how right here.)

—Ted Alvarez

Illegal loggers were beavers (Austrian Times)

Via The Outdoor Pressroom