Geocaching Shuts Down Wal-Mart

Pennsylvania police evacuate a Wal-Mart after confusing geocache box for a weapon of terror

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Geocaching (a game where players use a GPS to find a hidden goodie box placed somewhere—usually in the wilderness—by other geocachers) catches quite a bit of flak in the hiking community, mostly because of obvious leave-no-trace issues. But on Tuesday, geocachers ran afoul of Pennsylvania police on much more serious charges: The fuzz evacuated an Oil Creek Township Wal-Mart after mistaking a black geocache box in the parking lot for a weapon of mass destruction.

The interesting part? Cops destroyed the box after figuring out it was used for geocaching. Guess somebody hates geocachers even more than hardcore leave-no-trace hikers.

The saddest part? Right now, there’s probably some hapless geocacher staring alternately at his Garmin and a hole in the asphalt, yelling to the heavens, “WHERE IS IT?!”

—Ted Alvarez

Goecache game forces Wal-Mart evacuation (Meadville Tribune)

Thanks to Tim Shisler