Fact Or Fiction: Survival Edition

This week's weird outdoor news--plus one faker.

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Even in a holiday week, the outdoor world keeps spinning out unbelievable stories. This week’s edition of F vs. F sees humans pitted against nature in a struggle for survival–but not all the events are true. Can you figure out the false bit of news? Read on to find out—and remember, no using le Google to cheat!

British climber hangs from fingertips for 6 hours while waiting rescue. After a 23-year-old man and his climbing partner got stuck 300 feet up a cliff face on 3,790-ft. Lochnagar peak in Scotland. His belay partner was stuck as well, but had adequate insulation to protect from the frigid temperatures. Unable to safely move up or down, he clung to the icy cliff face with just his fingers until rescuers could be lowered down to retrieve him. He’s currently recovering from frostbite to his fingers.

Lost hiker hails taxi for rescue. A missing man climbing Marin County’s Mount Tamalpais had 36 SAR personnel searching for him for 6 hours, but before they could find him, he finally got the idea to simply hike downhill to reach surface streets and cellphone coverage. He called a cab and caught a ride home, where he then called authorities to notify them he was safe.

Speed glider freezes below Colorado 14er after refusing rescue. A speed glider—someone who skis with a small parachute that enables brief periods of liftoff—crashed below Colorado’s Quandary Peak, shattering both his legs. A group of five hikers came upon him, but the speed glider refused, insisting he could make his own way out. Rescue authorities later found the man, who had succumbed to frostbite and his serious injuries.

And the big lie is… (CLICK HERE TO READ)

Could you sniff out the stinker story? How did you know? Which one fooled you? Tell us in the comments section below.

—Ted Alvarez