Fact Or Fiction: Dog Hikers, Shark Whisperers, and Parking Lot Ice Climbing

This week's weird outdoor news—plus one faker.

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Dog Hiking, Shark Petting, and ice climbing in a parking lot: All this week’s F vs. F entries are rooted in truth, however wild or sensational.

But one has an exaggerated detail—can you figure out the false bit of news? Read on to find out—and remember, no using Google to cheat!

‘Shark Whisperers’ pet tiger sharks while in the middle of a feeding frenzy.
Australian researchers hoping to reverse our thoughts of sharks as mindless killing machines recently climbed atop a dead whale floating near the Aussie coast to pet the tiger sharks while in the middle of a feeding frenzy. Australian officials were not pleased, fearing such behaviors could encourage dangerous activities near both dead whales and frenzied, 20-foot-long sharks. But since they lack proper enforcement capabilities, they published a list of shark and whale safety tips. Here’s video of the shark petting:

Dogs make better hiking partners than humans. New research from the University of Missouri shows dogs make better walking partners than humans—and possibly better hiking partners. Humans who walked with dog partners showed better training gains than those hiking by themselves or with human partners. Walking speed alone improved 28 percent among people who walked with dogs, while partnered human walkers showed a 4 percent speed improvement. Dogs also inspired commitment to walking and training, while humans often used shared excuses to duck out on training walks.

Teton Ice Park opens front-country ice climbing at Parking Lot Rocks. Teton Ice Park just opened near Grand Targhee Resort in Alta, Wyoming. To create this artificial waterfall ice climbing hotspot, guides from Aerial Boundaries use a water tanker truck, 250 feet of pipe, and some low-flow showers heads on the 40 foot vertical cliffs called Parking Lot Rocks (near the parking lot).

And the big lie is… (CLICK HERE TO READ)

Could you sniff out the stinker story? How did you know? Which one fooled you? Tell us in the comments section below.

—Ted Alvarez