Dummy Recovery

After being alerted to a decomposing hiker's body, Connecticut SAR peeps discover a mannequin at the bottom of a ravine

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Corpse-recovery operations are almost never funny, so this is a welcome break from a usually grim subject. Hikers discovered a deteriorating body on a cliff in West Rock State Park in Connecticut, but when Connecticut Search and Rescue teams rappeled down to recover the hopeless hiker, they discovered it was actually a mannequin.

Kudos to CT SAR squads for such efficient and able rescue techniques, and I hope their possible initial frustration at having been called out to a false rescue melted away to laughs at the bar afterward. I’d imagine the best part about recovering a body is learning that nobody died in the first place.

Still, it makes me wonder how a mannequin got to such a precarious spot. Was it an intentional prank? Department-store littering? A Pinocchio moment gone horribly awry?

God, I hope it’s not that last one. He just wanted to be a real boy—I’d hate to imagine his last moments:

—Ted Alvarez

Retrieval team finds mannequin instead of human remains (AP)

via The Goat