Cougar vs. Cougar

Cougar attacks 5-year-old boy, mother comes to rescue

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We’ve all seen it happen before: One cute guy, two lurking cougars, and the outcome is never pretty. While most cougars go by Demi, Susan, Joan, or similar, in this case I’m actually talking about the real deal—namely, 120 pounds of sleek and stealthy feline prowess. And it seems that cougars these days of both types are going for younger and younger prey.

It all went down on a remote trail in Northeastern Washington on the Abercrombie Mountain Trail in Colville National Forest. While a five-year-old Canadian boy enjoyed the beautiful scenery, with his mother watching close by, an actual mountain lion pounced.

Driven by maternal instinct, the boys mother flew into action, beating the cougar with her water bottle. After several swift hits, the cougar conceded defeat and ran away.

The boy was taken to the hospital, and treated for head wounds. He is expected to fully recover. In the meantime, wildlife officers and contract hunters are searching for the animal, which will be killed if found. But so far, all they’ve found are a few cougar tracks and some blood.

Though the mountain lion made a clean getaway, I think we’re ready to call this Cougar vs. Cougar score: Mom 1, cougar 0.

–Jordan Olmsted

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