Bigfoot Terrorizes Teens in 'Willow Creek'

Kinda like The Bigfoot Witch Project, amirite?

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Like death and taxes, the search for Bigfoot is a constant of modern life. Many of us suspect he’s out there somewhere, toying with us even as he eludes our grasp. And just for kicks, he’s apparently content to ruin perfectly innocent camping trips with good ol’ jump scares.

Bobcat Goldthwait’s Willow Creek got a full-length trailer earlier this week, and we’re happy to report that it checks all the boxes of modern found-footage horror. Will there be shaky cam? Yes. Suspicious and possibly sinister locals giving exposition? Yes. Will there be mysterious footprints and hair samples left on tree branches? Oh yeah. “What is my sock doing in the tree?” one character wonders aloud at one point. Clearly, Bigfoot is up to no good. Check it out and judge for yourself:

While the trailer doesn’t offer any glimpses of the big man himself, we’re optimistic that he’ll show up eventually (barring a twist ending where they realize it’s just a mountain lion or something). In any case, we’re psyched that Bigfoot finally got a own B-movie to call his own.

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