Active Volcano Diving

Sound extreme? It is. Just watch this modern-day, Russian Superman

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When you’re sitting in a tiny airplane about to jump into the gaping crater of a live volcano, what do you think goes through your mind? Apparently not second thoughts for Valery Rozov, the 44-year-old Russian who showed no hesitation before diving headfirst into Russia’s active Mutnovsky Volcano.

After hurtling out of the plane, Rozov had to make a dicey landing onto a narrow shelf of ice. Deviating a few feet could have meant certain death—he was surrounded by too-thin ice sheets and smoking hot lava.

We have to admit, even though it does seem pretty stupid, it’s also just so cool. If Clark Kent had been a Nascar driver instead of a reporter, his Superman suit probably would have looked something like this:

You conquer that volcano, Red Bull man. Our entertainment depends on it.

—Morgan Keys

Russian Superman jumps into volcano (Daily Telegraph)

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