2,500+ Trips for Your iPhone

Send any GPS trip found on Backpacker.com and record your own trails with AllSportGPS.

Heading out the door? Read this article on the new Outside+ app available now on iOS devices for members! Download the app.

About 300 readers noticed our soft launch last week, but now it’s official and we’re cutting the red ribbon: You can send any GPS-enabled trip found on backpacker.com directly to your iPhone 3G or 3GS. Our partners at Trimble Outdoors have launched AllSport GPS, an application targeted to fitness users and GPS beginners.


Any of the 2,500+, editor-approved GPS trails on our site can be sent to your iPhone. Better yet: Any public trail created in our map tools site (www.backpacker.com/postatrip) by you or other backpacker.com users can be sent to your iPhone.

It’s easy. Say you’re in Seattle and have a free afternoon? Go to backpacker.com, send a trip like Poo Poo Point in Tiger Mountain State Forest  to your web account. Next, launch AllSport GPS and retrieve the trip’s track and stats on your iPhone.

Now, go hiking.


Readers tell us that they participate in many outdoor sports, in addition to hiking and backpacking. AllSport GPS is designed for hikers, cyclists (mountain and road), runners, skiers, and walkers. Once you launch AllSport GPS, pick your activity, hit play, and let the app do the complicated GPS work for you. It calculates fun stats like calories burned, speed, and pace. It also shows your location on Google maps, and displays speed and elevation profiles. Just hit the stop button to save your trail.

Now, wirelessly send the trail to your account on backpacker.com (it’s up on the site in less than 10 seconds). Next, view the trail on seamless maps, add photos, write trail notes, and send the trip to your social media network.

Below is a recent trail I recorded near Breckenridge, CO using AllSport GPS. The photos were taken with my iPhone 3G too. I added the waypoints and trip details after I sent it to backpacker.com. Feel free to download and hike it yourself.

All this costs $9.99 or less than two Subway footlong subs. To learn more, including download details, go to backpacker.com/iphone.
-Kris Wagner, Map Editor

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