RIP to the Alcohol Stove

Making your own camp stove out of a cat food or soda can used to be a rite of passage for backpackers. But with canister stoves getting lighter and cheaper—and fire bans getting more and more common—one Backpacker editor argues their time has come. (Plus: Another editor dissents.)

“Survival” Isn’t What You Think It Is

No matter what your favorite grizzled YouTuber tells you, survival isn’t about learning to track animals or spear fish with a stick. In this new column, former Air Force survival instructor Jessie Krebs explains what hikers actually need to know to return from the backcountry alive.

Thru-Hiking Legend Heather Anderson Just Set Another FKT

After a five year hiatus, thru-hiking legend Heather “Anish” Anderson just set another FKT, the 250-mile section of the Appalachian Trail that runs through Pennsylvania. In this essay, she explores how her relationship with the sport has evolved over the past decade since her ground-breaking Pacific Crest Trail record in 2013.