How a 13-year-old Saved His Dad’s Life

When Charlie Finlayson was just 13 and alone with his dad David deep in the backcountry, his father suffered a horrific injury from a rockfall. But Charlie, despite being forced to make decisions way beyond his age and experience, never doubted that his father could survive and that he could help him. Thanks to his unwavering faith, Charlie and David pulled off the impossible.

The Best U.S. National Parks for Northern Lights Hunting—and Why This Is a Good Year to See Them

You don't have to fly to Iceland, Greenland or Norway to experience the bright-green glow of the northern lights. You can chase the show in our national parks: in Alaska, yes, but also the contiguous U.S. Better yet, your chances of seeing the aurora borealis are increasing as we march toward what is known as solar maximum, which will peak in 2025.