Why a Smartwatch Will Make You a Happier Hiker

The right timepiece lets you play harder, stay safer, and enhances the outdoor experience while minimizing screen time.

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It’s every outdoor lover’s dilemma. You head into the backcountry to escape the ever-present demands of tablets, phones, and laptops. Yet, so often you end up fidgeting with your phone, GPS unit, and fitness tracker because gadgets also can help elevate the outdoor experience. They let you navigate more confidently, plot peaks to bag, and track your every move so you can relive it all when you’re back at the office dreaming up your next adventure. With a Smartwatch like Casio’s ProTrek WSD-F20 you can do all that and more with just a timepiece you’d be wearing on your wrist anyway. This technology frees you to carry less and do more, whether you’re out for a quick day hike or spending the week ski touring hut to hut.

You Always Have Your Maps

GPS has revolutionized the way we navigate the outdoors—until you lose signals and service, leaving you lost without a fix. That’s when a Smartwatch can come to the rescue. The WSD-F20 has a full-featured GPS that can store up to 4GB of full color maps and other data that you can use offline, zero bars—or even your phone—required. That means no matter how remote you go, you always have the peace of mind that you’ll know where you’re going, even if you need to unexpectedly alter your course on the fly. Need to backtrack? Casio’s Location Memory app saves the path you’ve taken and can show you your location at the push of a button.

Know When to Take Shelter

Weather conditions can turn from idyllic to dangerous quickly in the high mountains. The WSD-F20 Smartwatch lets you play it safer with sensors that retrieve atmospheric pressure changes. Just set the watch to alert you to sudden drops in barometric pressure and you’ll know when weather is heading in and it’s time to head down to safer ground.

Track Your Activity

It’s fun to see how far you’ve gone, whether you’re crushing trails or barreling through rapids. Activity tracking is also a great way to get fit and stay in shape. With a Smartwatch like the WSD-F20, you don’t need a separate device. It has a built in altimeter, accelerometer, and compass so you’ll always know how far and high you’ve climbed. Just use the activity app to track your specific activity levels including trekking, cycling, climbing, paddling, and fishing. It’s water resistant to 50 meters, so you can feel free to make a splash.

Make Notes on the Fly

Some of the best ideas come when you and your mind are wandering trough the woods. The WSD-F20 lets you capture them as they come without breaking stride. Just dictate into the built-in microphone. The watch will store your notes. You can even send them to other WSD-F20 watch wearers.

Less Stress About Running Out of Juice

Battery life is a big deal in the backcountry where recharging opportunities are limited. You can stress less about running into the red with a Smartwatch like the WSD-F20. It’s battery will get you through the weekend—lasting about two days—when checking GPS intermittently.

Keep Your Phone in Your Pocket

We all have those times when we want to get away, but still need to be reachable for home or business emergencies. But it’s an outdoor buzz kill for everyone when you have to fish out your phone with every ping. With the Casio WSD-F20 you can filter out the important emails and texts with a glance at your wrist without missing a step…or the scenery.

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