Timex Ironman Global Trainer Bodylink System

Is your heart about to explode after multiple switchbacks? Find out just how much of a real workout you had with this GPS watch.

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The Timex Global Trainer is a more compact way to figure out just how many cheese burgers you can gorge on at the end of the trip. It also measures calories burned, and has a GPS, heart rate sensor and bike speed/cadence monitor too!

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The multi-screen format is great for observing multiple data intervals at once. Distance, heart rate, time, and altitude were my favorites. I put the external heart rate sensor on and watched my bpms sky rocket when I went up one trail in NC.

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The GPS recharges via a port that clips to the back of the unit, and into a computer or AC USB adaptor. The maximum life of the watch with the GPS on is 15 hours, so remember to turn it off when you get to the campsite.

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Cool feature: The watch gives directions to download software that showed my elevation changes, speed, and heart rate all on one graph, and overlay my routes with Google maps. I was even able to see where I got turned around on the poorly marked trails.

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Waypoints! Saving a waypoint and starting routes was very easy. The GPS features are similar to that of the old Garmin eTrex. It doesn’t show topo readouts, but it functions pretty well as a stand alone no-frills GPS that fits on the hand.

The Specs $250 to $300  3 oz without heart rate monitor, 4.1 oz with monitor  Size:  2\

The Specs
$250 to $300
3 oz without heart rate monitor, 4.1 oz with monitor
Size: 2″ 5/16 Wide (button to button) by 2″ 7/16 height (across face) by 3/4 thick
Website: www.timexironman.com

Photos & Text by Joe Flowers

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