Static and Baselayers

My baselayers say not to wash with fabric softener. Are dryer sheets out too? No dryer sheet = major static.

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I’ve noticed that the label on all of my baselayers say to not use fabric softeners. Do you know if this is just referring to liquid softeners or does this also mean dryer sheets? No dryer sheet = major static.


I hear ya, Ben. Excessive static is one of my major pet peeves. I always use dryer sheets, and have for years, with all my wicking layers and have noticed no ill effects at all. As for the washing techniques and products, you could opt to invest in a special soap built for outdoor gear, like Granger’s Performance Wash ($9;, or you could just use a mild liquid detergent like I do: Tide works for me. Wash your baselayers in cold water, dry them on a low setting, if possible, and don’t hesitate to toss in a dryer sheet.

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