Seam Sealing Pants

If I alter a pair of waterproof pants, how can I make the new seams waterproof?

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At 5’1 I have a hard time finding snow pants that aren’t too long. I’ve found some waterproof pants that I really like, but they are extremely baggy in the legs. If I alter the pants, how can I make the new seams waterproof?

Submitted by – Sarah – Glastonbury, CT


The ticket is Seam Grip, the same adhesive you would use to seal the seams in a tent. Once you have the pants altered, you’ll want to paint along the seams using the applicator brush (included). Depending on the construction of the pants, and how the alteration is performed, you may be able to turn them inside out and paint the inner surface, which would be more cosmetically appealing. Otherwise, paint the outer surface, but be prepared for it to be visible (in the form of a glossy coating) once it dries. Just paint carefully and neatly, using a very thin layer of Seam Grip.

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