Heat & Hiking

What should I eat during hikes on hot days?

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What should I eat during hikes on hot days?

Submitted by – W.G., Vicksburg, MS


In hot weather, your blood is busy cooling your body by shuttling heat from your core to your skin. This reduces your blood supply available to aid digestion in your stomach, which can lead to faintness and nausea. Here’s what I recommend to keep your energy up, and your food down:

1) Drink often. Adequate hydration helps your body’s cooling system keep your internal temperature in check. Keep your drinks as cool as possible, and add energy and nutrition to them with powdered sports mixes.

2) Cool down before you eat. Resting in a shady spot at least 10 minutes before consuming food prepares your stomach for digestion.

3) Keep meals small. Heat will reduce your hunger impulse because your body can’t digest as much food.

4) Choose easily digestible foods like simple starches and fats found in crackers and nuts.