Blister Woes

Why do I get blisters on the insides of my heels?

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I get long, horizontal blisters very low down on the medial (inside) side of my heels. One on each foot. I hardly ever get any other type of blister and have tried changing boot and insoles. What is most likely causing them?

Submitted by – Francois, Port Elizabeth


Blisters are caused by shear forces. Your boots are going one way, and the insides of your heels are going another way at the same time. Why that particular spot? It’s possibly the way your feet are anatomically arranged. Liner socks might alleviate the problem. Heel cups might work, too—lifting your heels just enough to prevent the shear stress on the inside of your heels. You could also try placing a blister-reducing product, such as Blist-O-Ban, on the spots that develop blisters. — Buck

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