The 10 Best Outdoor Dog Breeds

These pups love the trail just as much as you do.

With the right training, these incredible outdoor dog breeds make for some of the best adventure pups out there. But just remember—every dog is only as good as its human.

Raise Your Perfect Outdoor Dog

The first step to finding your perfect outdoor companion is, well, finding him or her. The ASPCA or your local shelter is the best place to start looking for your new outdoor dog.

Next up: training your pup. Start with basic skills, like sit, stay, and heel. Consistency is important; you may find it helpful to work with a professional trainer to shore up your outdoor dog's skills.

When you're in the wilderness, your outdoor dog's safety and health is your responsibility. Learn basic canine first aid and carry a dog-specific kit so you'll be ready to deal with any paw injuries, splinters, or bites that your pup may encounter.