How to Pack a Backpack Efficiently

Want to pack more efficiently? Read these tips on how to pack a week's worth of gear into your regular weekend pack.

7 tips on how to pack a backpack:

• Don't pack piecemeal. Lay out everything you think you'll need to bring and strategize from there.

• Get your big items situated first. Keep weight low and centered. Fuel should be placed at the very bottom of a pack in the event of a leak.

• Look at the amount of clothing you plan to bring, then cut it in half. It’s not a wilderness experience otherwise! Pick baselayers that can provide both breathability and warmth. Roll, don't fold (or better yet, use a compression sack).

• Compression sacks are also your best friend for slimming down puffy items like sleeping bags. Bonus: water protection in case of a downpour.

• Deflate your dry food packages with a pin and cover the hole with tape. Put survival items in brain of the pack for fast emergency access.

• Attach lighter items to the front of your pack with carabiners, taking care to balance out each side. Use external loops and straps to secure awkwardly shaped items like tent poles and sleeping pads.

• Shells and outerwear can be stuffed in the front and side pockets.