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Carbon 14 Sport Digital Watch

This lightweight sport watch features a magnifying lens and an LED flashlight

gear slideshow carbon 14 445x260

The Carbon 14 Sport watch combines the normal functions of a digital sport watch (stopwatch, 24-hour timer, 4 daily alarms, water resistant up to 165 feet, light weight) with a magnifying lens and a high-intensity LED flashlight.

gear slideshow carbon 14 445x260

The 3X magnifying lens is not spring loaded, which I find to be a plus as springs get fouled up with sand and muck. The lens opens by pressing a small button and pulling the lens up.

gear slideshow carbon 14 3 445x260

I was able to start a tiny fire on some tinder with the handy little magnifying glass.

gear slideshow carbon 14 3 445x260

The watch has a backlight feature to read the time, but the high-intensity LED emits enough light to be headlamp backup, and perfect for maneuvering around the tent without waking up your tentmates with a blinding light.

gear slideshow carbon 14 on wrist 445x260

Bonus: It doesn’t take up your whole arm with features, either!
Weight: 2 oz.
Price: $69.00
Sizes: Mid/Full (refers to face width – same price & weight)

Text & photos by Joe Flowers