How To Not Get Pee On Your Shoes | Video

There’s nothing more natural than peeing outside, but for women, it can feel kind of tricky at first. We asked a whole team of seriously badass women for their best tricks to avoid splashing pee on their shoes.

The panelists

Caroline Gleich

is a professional skier, mountaineer, and adventurer.

Kaylin Richardson

is a former Olympic skier turned big-mountain adventurer.

Aparna Rajagopal-Durbin is a NOLS field instructor.

Kalen Thorien

is a professional skier and adventurer.

Kelly Bastone is a BACKPACKER contributing editor.

KT Miller

is a photographer, backcountry skier, and ski mountaineer.

Liz “Snorkel” Thomas

is a thru-hiker who holds the women’s unsupported speed record on the Appalachian Trail.

Shannon Skouras

is a photographer, mountain biker, and adventurer

Rachel Zurer is a senior editor at BACKPACKER.

Amy Hatch is an ultramarathoner, packrafter, backpacker, and more, and founded

Garage Grown Gear

Kristin Hostetter is BACKPACKER’s Gear Editor.

Chelsey Magness

is an ultra-endurance adventure racer and a YogaSlacker.