Reading List: Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

Daniel Pauly, 47, of Minneapolis, Minnesota, wrote a guidebook for the area after he spent the past two decades exploring the 1,500 miles of canoe routes and portages. “I’ve covered pretty much all it,” he says. In addition to his own book, here’s the res
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1. Boundary Waters Canoe Camping (Third Edition)

By Cliff Jacobson (Globe Pequot Press)

"Excellent book on the bread and butter of canoe camping. Everything from what to pack and how to pack it, to preferred footwear and canoe portaging tips."

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2. Boundary Waters Wilderness Ecosystem

by Miron Heinselman (University Of Minnesota Press)

"An excellent book from a well-regarded Forest Service scientist whose career was spent understanding the intricacies of the Boundary Waters wilderness, especially the role of fire in maintaining the ecosystem."

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3. Singing Wilderness

by Sigurd Olson (University of Minnesota Press)

"Beautiful short stories about the BWCAW, with excellent ink drawings by well known mid-20th century wildlife artist Francis Lee Jaques. These stories, and others by Sigurd Olson, became some of the rallying literature that drove widespread national interest in the Boundary Waters and helped catalyze the legislation to protect it. Great reading before a trip or in a sleeping bag at night."

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4. Exploring the Boundary Waters: A Trip Planner and Guide to the BWCAW

by Daniel Pauly (University of Minnesota Press)

" The most comprehensive guide book to the BWCAW, with all entry points in one guide, plus planning maps for each route and detailed portage difficulty information."