Hike of the Month


Think your hike or backpack trip is worth publishing in BACKPACKER magazine? Here's your chance. Each month, we'll pick the best hike submitted by readers and publish it in the Adventures section (see Great Smoky Mountains National Park, February 2008 for an example). Bonus points for reports that include photos, detailed GPS data, and video clips.

How Do I Submit A Hike?

Take the step-by-step tour of our GPS Maps and Trips website at: backpacker.com/hikes. Learn how to submit trips, then register on the site and download our map software. Next, go hiking, collect photos, video, any media you want. Then come back home, and report on your trip. For tips on how to use our map software or GPS units, go to backpacker.com/hikes/usinggps.

Once your trip is ready for us to view, send us a link to your trip report.