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Gear Guide 2012: Wenger Fidis Lighter

This lighter produces flame with liquid fuel and a wick, providing you with fire even in windy conditions.


Let there always be light: The Fidis uses liquid fuel and a wick instead of a butane torch (which can be balky in extreme cold). Result? A windproof flame capable of lighting a stove despite gusts—or igniting tinder as one tester did during a squall in Colorado’s Indian Peaks Wilderness. The tail of the lipstick-size shaft houses two screw-top compartments: One is a spare fuel tank, and the other stores extra wicks and flints (not included) that ensure you’ll be able to field-fix the Fidis. Bonus: The cap’s polished inner surface acts like a mirror, reflecting the flame and making it bright enough to read a map. $110; 3 oz.;