Yellowstone National Park: Blacktail Deer Plateau Snowshoe - Backpacker

Yellowstone National Park: Blacktail Deer Plateau Snowshoe

Take advantage of the park's quieter winter season on this 9.4-mile snowshoe trek through wooded hills to an expansive plateau with endless snowy views.

-Mapped by Trung Q. Le

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 7.5



Location: 44.9577217102051, -110.541496276855

Follow unplowed Blacktail Plateau Dr. as it winds to the SE between snowy hillsides spotted with trees


Location: 44.9561004638672, -110.540603637695

Bear L @ Y through spruce, lodgepole pine, and pockets of bare aspen. Share the trail with X-country skiers


Location: 44.9531402587891, -110.532402038574

Trail veers to the N, then curves SE along rolling hills


Location: 44.9496002197266, -110.524803161621

Continue gentle SE ascent through snow-covered terrain


Location: 44.9457588195801, -110.505096435547

Spacious plateau replaces hilly landscape; valley views stretch endlessly to the N (winter range for elk and bison); distant Gallatin Range forms a rugged backdrop to the NW


Location: 44.9442291259766, -110.497901916504

Traverse E towards The Cut, a small, forested ravine near the edge of the plateau


Location: 44.9423599243164, -110.482696533203

Trail swings S; leave snowy plateau and carefully drop down between the wooded hills of The Cut


Location: 44.9401016235352, -110.481796264648

Bear L @ Y; slight uphill climb followed by a fl atter, less sweaty stretch. In .5 mi., begin descent out of ravine


Location: 44.929271697998, -110.475601196289

Turn around @ small clearing before steep downhill; retrace steps back to trailhead. Optional: Continue following trail for 2.5-mi. steep descent to Tower Canyon Rd. (7.5-mi. shuttle back to trailhead)

Blacktail Deer Plateau

Location: 44.9507713317871, -110.525413513184

The view of surrounding landscape to the north from the trail.

Trail Views

Location: 44.9501800537109, -110.525077819824

The view of surrounding landscape to the north from the trail.

Blacktail Deer Plateau

Location: 44.9494285583496, -110.524375915527

The view of surrounding landscape from the trail.

Snowy Hillside

Location: 44.9442863464356, -110.497665405273

View of the hillside to the south as you travel towards The Cut.

End of the Cut

Location: 44.9293975830078, -110.475692749023

The view from the end of The Cut.