Why Mt. Rainier is Andrew Glaser’s Favorite Spot

Nikwax's head of customer service shares what he loves about Mount Rainier National Park.
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Nikwax Brand Ambassador Mount Rainier

Andrew Glaser enjoying the variety of seasons Mount Rainier has to offer. 

Public lands are essential to the outdoor industry - both for the survival of businesses and the joy of people who work for them. When Nikwax employee Andrew Glaser isn't taking care of customers, he's hiking and climbing around his favorite wilderness spot, Mount Rainier. 

"Mt. Rainier National Park is where I can experience so much contrast. Old growth forest and flowery meadows. Shy baby bears and snack stealing gray jays. Paved paths and obscure climbing routes. Being able to see the lights of Pugetopolis while camping high on a glacier. And the skiing is good in July!" 

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