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Hike: What in the Blazes?

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Group: Appalachian Mountain Club

When: Saturday, August 19, 9:15 am

Where: Harriman State Park, NY

Cost: $0–$21


Are you a new hiker or want to start hiking with AMC? Then this is the hike for you. We will go over some basic tips on hiking. Starting with: What in the blazes. Did you ever wonder how the person at the front was able to follow the trail? I’ll show you what blazes are and how to read them. I’ll explain how to read a topographic trail map, give a tip or two on what to do if you think you aren’t in the right place, etc. Fair warning this is a hike, not an instructional. We are out to take a stroll on the trails. I will briefly touch on a variety of topics this hike is not intended to make an expert of anyone. It is a forum for you to ask questions which hopefully I can answer or direct you to someone who can. Over the course of the day I’ll tell you some of the things that I won’t go out without (bug spray). If you want to take a turn at the front to see if you can follow the blazes that will be an option.

This will be a moderate paced hike that is geared to beginners. We travel over a variety of terrain including rocky trails and carriage roads. There will be an opportunity for those who wish to scramble on some rocks. We will have some nice views and historical features on the hike. There will be plenty of time to ask questions and enjoy the sights.

Now for the swim option. The chapter has secured some access to the Corman Harriman Outdoor Center for Saturday afternoon to go swimming & paddling after the hike. I will be bringing some light snacks (chips & such) and a refreshment or two. You are welcome to bring some goodies to share as well. This will not be my traditional happy hour setup, I’m leaving the grill at home. This will be a BYOB social. I will bring the red cups for your beverages. The hike is free but if you are going to go swimming after the hike space is limited and you must register and pay the $16 -$21 camp access fee. Again if you are going swimming you MUST register and pay via the Eventbrite link.

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